52 Books In One Year

This is not a new concept, but 2021 is the year that I am committing to making this happen. With …

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

I’m glad I gave this book a second go. The first time through, the excessive use of “f*ck” pushed me …

The Stranger

I’ll be real with you. When I took Philosophy in college I hated it. There were a million answers and …

The Energy Bus

I came across The Energy Bus when I was curious what athletes and coaches tend to read the most. This …

The 48 Laws of Power aka The Dark Side of Leadership

If there was a shadow world version of John C. Maxwell, it would be Robert Greene and his book “The …

Better Stopwatch Timer in After Effects

About two years ago I put together a quick stopwatch timer in After Effects for a video I was editing …

Raspberry Pi Adventures: Part 2 – SSH and Git

Git gud and use SSH to hit up your Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Adventures: Part 1

And so it begins. Not with a bang, but with a blank command line.

A Beginner’s Guide to Web Accessibility

A course for anyone interested in making the Internet a better place.

That One Sports Show Podcast

We’re baaaack.