52 Books In One Year

This is not a new concept, but 2021 is the year that I am committing to making this happen. With …

The Energy Bus

I came across The Energy Bus when I was curious what athletes and coaches tend to read the most. This …

The 48 Laws of Power aka The Dark Side of Leadership

If there was a shadow world version of John C. Maxwell, it would be Robert Greene and his book “The …

Better Stopwatch Timer in After Effects

About two years ago I put together a quick stopwatch timer in After Effects for a video I was editing …

Raspberry Pi Adventures: Part 2 – SSH and Git

Git gud and use SSH to hit up your Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Adventures: Part 1

And so it begins. Not with a bang, but with a blank command line.

A Beginner’s Guide to Web Accessibility

A course for anyone interested in making the Internet a better place.

That One Sports Show Podcast

We’re baaaack.

gem install sass not working on Windows

Feelin’ SASSy?

Top 15 Albums For Maximum Coding Efficiency Part 3.0

This list gets more strange every year.