Code Explosion – Week 4

Happy 11/11/11 or as the English say, “Happy 11/11/11”. This week was full of WordPress creation for me and some of the snippets I used are below. Enjoy!


While working on a new WordPress site I came across an issue. I had to pull in posts via RSS feed, and in doing that was pulling in images. The images had an extra margin of 10px on each side and I wanted to remove that. In order to achieve that effect, I tossed this piece of jQuery into the head of my page.

<!-- allows you to give a margin of 0 to the images being pulled in -->

<script type="text/javascript">
		jQuery(document).ready(function() {
			jQuery(".three-posts .entry p img").css("margin","0");


Understanding CSS 3D Transforms
A great post about understanding the finer parts of CSS 3D transforms. Definitely a lot of valuable information in here.


For one site I am creating, I need to load posts for the current day. Instead of hardcoding it, I used this piece of PHP.


// gets the current date and spits out posts for today's date and category 13

$today = getdate();

query_posts( 'year=' . $today["year"] . '&cat=13&showposts=3&monthnum=' . $today["mon"] . '&day=' . $today["mday"] );


FeedWordPress Plugin Page
A plugin that I’ve started using is called FeedWordPress, it’s on of the most customizable RSS Feed aggregators I’ve seen to date.

Max Foundry: This Week In WordPress
Max Foundry put out it’s first weekly WordPress post earlier today. It’s a great collection of WordPress information all in one place.


Build Responsively Workshop
Sparkbox unveiled the first of what they hope to be many workshops about Responsive Web Design. Click the link above to go to the home page for the workshop.

Video of the Week

In honor of the release of Skyrim, here’s a video from Machinima that parodies the dragon-fighting RPG.

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