Top 10 Albums for Maximum Coding Efficiency

If you’re like me, you worry that unless relatives have a very specific list of gifts they can get you for Christmas, you’ll wind up with some wool mittens or Christmassy tube socks. Below are my “Top 10 Albums for Maximum Coding Efficiency.”

Selection Criteria

If you disagree and have better suggestions, be sure to add your top albums in the comments section.

Top 10 Albums for Maximum Coding Efficiency

#1 Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – The Social Network
#2 Unicorn Kid – Full Discography
#3 Bonobo – Full Discography
#4 RJD2 – Full Discography
#5 Skyrim – Official Soundtrack
#6 Them Crooked Vultures – Self-Titled Album
#7 Kanye West – My Dark Twisted Fantasy
#8 Anamanaguchi – Full Discography
#9 Explosions In The Sky – Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
#10 Mastodon – Crack The Skye
So I cheated and added another album. It is not in my original 10 because I have not yet had a chance to listen to all three hours of audio.
#11 Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
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