Designing for WordPress Without WordPress

Notes on a talk by Rob Spangler

– Enjoys the phrase “independent contractor” better than “freelancer”

– It’s okay to think outside of the box. Don’t be constrained by vague instructions.

Principle to Practical

– Design within limits, but don’t be limited by your design.

– Deliver what is awesome, then scale back if you have to.


– Don’t be scared of using Custom Fields.

– Custom Post Types are pretty spectacular, they prevent hacky use of custom fields.

– Menu functionality is much better than it used to be, and that’s reason to utilize it.

– “I use the crap out of Featured Images” because they are helpful and can make page to page differences extremely easy.

– Text Widget is great for using social media embed codes that then generate tweets or activity.

Custom Plugins

– WordPress is your canvas and we are painting onto it. Know what’s in WordPress and use it.

A great talk that just skimmed the surface of Custom Post Types, Custom Fields and custom WordPress. Follow Rob on Twitter at @robertspangler

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