Helpful HTML Links

Below is a list of some of my top HTML bookmarks, the sites I go to when I’m having trouble figuring out an issue here or there. I know they’ve all helped me out quite a bit so maybe they can help you out as well.

HTML Tips, Tricks and other assorted helpful things

BgPatterns — Background Patterns Maker

Make an HTML5 video a background – div bg demo

Video as Site Background? HTML 5 – Stack Overflow

CSS3 Gradient Generator

Special Characters | Webmonkey |

Learning To Use The :before And :after Pseudo-Elements In CSS – Smashing Magazine

Z-index Problem with YouTube Player – Stack Overflow

Links : Link to Email – HTML Tutorial

Review Of Cross-Browser Testing Tools – Smashing Magazine

A Comprehensive Guide Inside Your <head>


lorempixum – Placeholder Images For Every Case

Bootstrap, from Twitter

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