Peter Kessler Theme

Role: Designer, WordPress Developer
When: January 2012
Tools Used: XHTML/CSS, PHP, WordPress

What: I created this theme as part of my work with, a "network of great golf and travel writing by actual journalists." Peter Kessler is known to many as "The Voice of Golf" and was also the Voice of HBO Sports (more on Peter can be found here). My job was to take a wireframe and design and develop a new WordPress theme for Peter to use.

For this project, I was most proud of the tabbed social media section in the sidebar I created. Using a tutorial from Justin Tadlock and some snippets from I pulled in both the Twitter and Facebook Page feed with minimal code. The Twitter feed is brought in with PHP and the Facebook feed is from within the Developer’s guide to social plugins (look for a tabbed social media tutorial in the future).

Overall, I’m still extremely pleased with how well this theme came out and all parties associated with the overview of the project were pleased as well.

Click here to see the full site.

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