Wampserver Setup and Troubleshooting

I recently switched back to PC and am loving it so far. The problem was I needed a LAMP-like stack to run WordPress locally, which I’ve covered previously for Macs. This story is about the wampserver orange symbol of death.

Wampserver orange symbolSo I went to the Wampserver website and it looks about like XAMPP (another viable option) and I went through the download process. You’ll have to install some C++ Redistribution software, but don’t worry, no Trojans hiding in the closet.

After downloading and installing, I wasn’t really sure what to do. Then I found the small start icon in the bar down to the right.

When you hover over the “W” icon, it should let you know whether the server is running or not. Red means no, orange means maybe, and green means all good. Mine was showing orange for a while and I couldn’t figure out why in blazes it would be doing that. So I went back to the main site for documentation.

WampserverI was told to look at the error logs, which can be accessed by clicking on the “W” and going to PHP, MySQL and Apache separately and taking a look at the error logs. Problem was, none had been generated because there were no issues.

So I did some more searching and finally came across an idea so stupid it had to work. I found a forum entry that said “Quit Skype and Wampserver, then restart Wampserver and Skype, in that order.” I had Skype turned on, so I did what the post said and turned it off and restarted everything. Sure enough, the wampserver orange symbol switched to green and I was good to go.

It felt like I was in that movie “Contact” with Jodie Foster where they talk about Occam’s razor and what not. Simplest solution is the correct one. That was the case here. Turn off the other programs and restart.

To start using your PHP locally, just go to the directory where you installed wamp and insert into the www directory.

Hopefully that helps at least one of you. I’ll be documenting some more of my Mac to PC conversion later on, but wanted to share the Orange Wampserver of Death Icon with you.

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6 years ago

Thank you dear it worked well

6 years ago

Worked here too !! 😀

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