Disavowing Links – rel=”nofollow”

This seemed like a good solution, for sites that I could control, add a rel=”nofollow” to the link so Google wouldn’t follow it. I did that, but it seemed to have no effect. I don’t know if Google just forgot to pay attention to it or not, but I’ve decided to remove the link entirely.

As of 9/5/13, the report shows a site I control linking in 193 times. I am removing the link entirely and hope it will prevent the linking.

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John Hartley is a Director of Product Engineering at Beam Dental in Columbus, OH. With 5+ years of leadership experience he has worked in startups, agencies, and began his career as a freelance Front End Developer. Always looking to iterate, this blog is a place for him to share his knowledge as well as hone his craft, challenge assumptions, and build a strong base of leadership and management knowledge. Connect with him on LinkedIn

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