Desktop Background #3

I came across a gallery on imgur the other night with anime wallpaper. Now I’m a bit of a closet anime fan and have only seen some of the major shows (Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, D. Gray-man) but the storytelling is really what grabs me with most of the shows. Anyway, the wallpapers can be found here and I grabbed one from Death Note with Ryuk silhoutted into an apple and a nice grayscale Spike Spiegel.


Have any suggestions on what I should watch next? Latest viewing was season finale of Attack on Titan.

Note: I do not own either image and do not claim them as my own. I simply spliced them together for use as a desktop background on two 1920×1080 monitors set side by side.

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John Hartley is a Director of Product Engineering at Beam Dental in Columbus, OH. With 5+ years of leadership experience he has worked in startups, agencies, and began his career as a freelance Front End Developer. Always looking to iterate, this blog is a place for him to share his knowledge as well as hone his craft, challenge assumptions, and build a strong base of leadership and management knowledge. Connect with him on LinkedIn

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