Your First Plugin – Part 1: Submitting and Clicking Send

So you’ve made an awesome plugin and now you want it to be hosted on so the whole world can enjoy it and you don’t have to worry about distribution. To do so, go to, log in and fill in some information about your plugin. Here are my thoughts on each of those parts.

Plugin Name

Everyone says that plugin name is the most important part of your plugin past the functionality, so take some time and think of a great name. Others will go with the “F%$# it, ship it” mantra and plop it out with the first name they think of. That’s totally fine too because it would be better for someone to be able to use your plugin than go a month without it while you sit and ponder a name.

Think about what your plugin does. Can you base a name off of that? What about a key point of functionality. Does it upload something? Maybe it inserts, deletes or manipulates a post. Any action that your plugin takes you can use that in the name. My plugin “All the Ipsums” has a lot of different Lorem Ipsum generators to choose from and I like the “ALL THE…” meme, so I spliced those together.

If you absolutely can’t think of anything, flip through Web 2.0 Name Generator until you come up with something.

Plugin Description

From what I understand this description gives an overview to the folks that will be reviewing your plugin. You can reference the need for your plugin to be in the repository as well as how it is different from others that might be similar.

This isn’t the iTunes Apple Store so generally you can have multiple plugins that do the same thing.

Plugin URL

You will need to load a .zip file of your plugin somewhere on the web (personal hosting or otherwise). Once on the web, place the direct link to your .zip file into the input.

Review and Send

You’ve finished the above steps. Now all that’s left is to click the “Send Post” button and off your plugin will go to the wonderful plugin review folks.

Just Click Send

Seriously, your plugin is great, just click send and let the powers that be decide if it’s material. For a list of restrictions, take a look at the “About” section. There are plenty of reasons why you should click send so just do it. If you still need some encouragement here’s LifeHackers’ “F**k it, Ship it” post.

Don’t be like me and hold on to your plugin for four months before submitting. It will never be perfect, but it’s perfect enough. As long as you don’t have WordPress crashing errors in your plugin, you’re good. If it deletes the database it’s probably not quite ready.

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