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If you know me, I don’t generally like to brag so this post is a bit weird for me. If you don’t like shameless plugs I’ll understand if you turn back now. Otherwise, continue on brave warrior!

I recently reunited with one of my good friends from college. We spent a lot of time in the radio station together as we were kind of the two main sports guys at 94.9 WONB at Ohio Northern. We even had our own sports talk show my junior and senior year.

Pretty cool guys right? Any way, we both realized we were in Columbus and missed talking about sports, so we decided to start a podcast. Now, our sports talk lives on in the form of That One Sports Show, a weekly, hour-long podcast about sports. You can listen on the site, on iTunes or on Stitcher and we’d love for you to check us out. We’re six episodes in and recording another tonight, so every listener helps. Even if you just subscribe and never listen we’d appreciate that too.

I still love radio and miss doing play-by-play, especially when I listen to any sport. Special thanks to one Mr. Richard Gainey for believing in us back in 2008 and giving us the opportunity to get our original show “Buzzer Beaters” off the ground.

If you’re interested in how we set up the show, site, etc. let me know and I’ll put together some posts on the tech aspect.

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