That One Sports Show Podcast

We’re baaaack.

gem install sass not working on Windows

Feelin’ SASSy?

Top 15 Albums For Maximum Coding Efficiency Part 3.0

This list gets more strange every year.

WCAG Explained: G1 – Skip to Main Content

What’s a WCAG? It’s rules, well, more like guidelines.

MongoDB on Web Faction – DBClientCursor::init call() failed


Desktop Background – December 2014

All about that combustible lemon launcher.

WordPress Error: Cannot modify header information – pluggable.php

Drawing a blank…page.

WordPress Local Development With XAMPP

For the PC folks

Sublime Text – CTags Package Errors

I’m gonna pop some ctags. Only got ST3 in my pocket.

Syntax error, unrecognized expression:

You best recognize…