Finding Free Music For Projects

Hard to beat free beats

Five “Must Have” Chrome Extensions

Because getting hope from Chrome is awesome.

CSS3 Animation Not Working in IE10

But…they should work!

Disavowing Links – rel=”nofollow”

He speaks the truth.

Disavowing Links – The Proper Way, I Guess

I dub thee, disavowed.

My Latest Desktop Background

Ron Swanson and FEZ. What’s not to love?

Top Five Responsive Starter Themes for WordPress

Ready, set, theme!

Twitter Feed With PHP and JSON using API v1.1

Oh nooo, v1.0 is teh deadzorz.

The Time I Met Jonathan Snook

Meet your idols, but have something to say.

Do Not Duplicate Posts Array and Offset

When you absolutely have to have more than one query.